Unlimited online lessons through OnForm!

What is it? A way for me to help remotely! Send unlimited videos of your athlete through the app OnForm. I will analyze the video and send it back. I will also include drills and strategies to improve mechanics. If there is confusion, we can set up an additional Zoom call.

How much? $50/month. You can cancel or pause at any time. 

Who is this for?  Beginners through advanced students. This can be for my regular students who want me to keep eyes on them when they are practicing. Or for remote students who can’t come into the facility.

Other info: Pitchers must be committed to practicing throughout the week for this to work. Making progress is crucial to be a part of this program. Also, please allow for a full 48 hours to receive the analysis back.

How do we get started? Follow this link.

Questions? Email Keeley at [email protected]