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Some coaches like to “save up” information for later sessions, or be limited in the game knowledge they share with players and parents.

Not here.

We do our best to give as much information as possible each lesson without overwhelming the student. Video recording lessons are allowed and we encourage parents to learn as much as they can at the lesson. Our goal is to make your daughter as independent as possible and teach her to be able to correct herself in game situations. The sooner you don’t need us, the better!

Private Pitching Lessons

Pitching lessons are $50 for a 45 minute session.

Clinics or Group Lessons

Let us come to your next team practice! We offer clinics for:

  • pitching
  • hitting
  • group lessons
  • team manager training

Team manager training includes skill drills, practice agendas, and game strategy training. Pricing is negotiable.

Online Lessons

Send us a video of your daughter hitting or pitching and we will analyze it using OnForm software and send it back. We will also prepare a list of drills for your daughter to work on to improve mechanics.